October 27,2023

2010 AD100: Diego Villaseñor

by David Stewart

“Architecture is about the art of living and the way to construct the human habitat,” says Diego Villaseñor. With his 30–person firm, he actively integrates the residences he designs with the geography and topography of their sites, along with the dreams of the clients. Projects on the Costa Careyes in Jalisco and Punta Zicatela in Oaxaca present a worthwhile exercise for Villaseñor. “I treat nature with love and respect. I believe architecture has to emerge from the forms and mechanisms that nature has to offer,” says the Mexico-based architect, who has worked on houses in Central and South America, Europe and the United States as well as Mexico.

“I create spaces that resound in the soul and imagination, that give human beings a sense of protection, freedom and a place to be with themselves.” His imagination is captured by light and shadow. “I think light makes space—what type of architecture could exist without sunlight?” He adds, “I always have a longing for harmony.” Villaseñor’s ideal landscapes for future projects are those with an abundance of shadows or an opportunity to create them. “I would like to design in the desert, in Monument Valley or in the flower garden of the Atacama Desert in Chile.” As much an artist as he is an architect, Villaseñor says of his work, “You have to be an artist, a technician, develop aspects of psychology and economics. Architecture is a profession that gives you the most.”

Diego Villaseñor



  • David Stewart
  • October 27,2023

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