March 27,2022

15 Best Online Furniture Stores 2022

by David Stewart

A hypothetical situation: After four years of crashing on twenty-semesters-used bunk beds, handmewaydown twin frames, dumpster-dived platforms, and a mattress on a bare floor, you graduated college and prepared yourself for an adult life of good living. Then, some number of years passed—maybe three, maybe thirty—and it occurred to you that you haven't exactly achieved the home-owning or apartment-renting dream. That couch you're sitting on was the cheapest at Ikea, that bedframe came secondhand on Facebook Marketplace, and you up and bought the dining set after about two seconds of consideration at Target. And once you got them, you never really considered replacing them.

Then, perhaps after months-on-end in your home and only your home, you were revisited by that dream of the good life, which got you thinking about owning furniture to be proud of, and owning it for a long time. So, facing another winter at home, and unwilling to venture out to look at showrooms, you turned to your old companion, online shopping.

Just a hypothetical. Maybe you've always loved online shopping for furniture. Maybe you just moved. Whatever the reason, we've gathered up our 15 favorite online furniture stores for you to digitally meander through, from the affordable to the luxurious. Refer to this list, which is more or less arranged in order of price point (low to high), when you want a new desk or a not-ugly recliner or an accent piece of yet-undiscovered functionality, and you can leave your dumpster-diving days behind you.

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  • David Stewart
  • March 27,2022

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