January 15,2023

2010 AD100: Bannenberg & Rowell

by David Stewart

Anyone coming into our studio will see imagery from architects, set designers, fashion designers and piles of well-thumbed magazines and catalogues—from cars to 1930s lino-cuts,” says designer Dickie Bannenberg (right). But he acknowledges that the London-based practice still feels the “overarching influence” of his late father, Jon, who started the firm in the early 1960s.

While yacht design is the core of what is now known as Bannenberg & Rowell Design, Bannenberg and his partner, Simon Rowell, have been known to tackle London pieds-à-terre, a train and even custom automobile interiors. The firm continues to innovate, notes Bannenberg. “Yacht design can have a tendency to rely on some old favorites in terms of timbers and other hard finishes. We like to track down and experiment with textures and new finishes. On our 85-meter motor yacht in Germany, we’re using panels of seaweed embedded in acrylic.”

Bannenberg & Rowell



  • David Stewart
  • January 15,2023

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