June 30,2023

2010 AD100: Count Benedikt Bolza

by David Stewart

We help clients who are looking for a ruin that can be restored into an elegant accommodation while retaining the original feel of the ancient stonework,” architect Count Benedikt Bolza says of the centuries-old farmhouses at Castello di Reschio, his family’s estate in the Umbria region of Italy. Bolza, who has renovated 21 of the 50 farmhouses thus far, says he is “extremely fortunate to have trained as an architect in London and to be able to return to the estate and live and work here.” It is a family affair: Bolza’s mother, Countess Angelika Bolza, heads the interior design studio, and the two collaborate “on the materials and color schemes,” he says, as well as designing furniture. The count is not averse to incorporating new technologies into his ancient houses: “I am interested in extensive internal and external LED lighting, which uses very little power.”

Count Benedikt Bolza



  • David Stewart
  • June 30,2023

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