August 11,2023

2010 AD100: Eddie Jones

by David Stewart

Architect Eddie Jones has designed buildings for locations outside his home state of Arizona, but in order to glean his distinct signature, one must come to the desert. There, in his unique responses to both client program and site, it’s clear that Arizona’s frequently unforgiving terrain is the perfect setting for this work; so much of what comes from Jones’s hand draws from and complements the high drama of the desert. For an architect who counts among his heroes Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff, Paul Rudolph and Louis Kahn, often what begins as a shape found in nature finds manifestation in forms that show a certain allegiance to Modernism or Expressionism, or both.

Many of his buildings blur the distinction between interior and exterior space. Some are constructed with ecologically sound materials. The constant in his work, however, is the element of surprise; inside his architecture, unexpected ways of letting the sun and moon enhance the experience of a space abound. Nearly three decades after launching the Phoenix-based Jones Studio, which Jones runs with his brother Neal, the Oklahoma native continues to benefit creatively from what surrounds him naturally, just as Frank Lloyd Wright, whose Taliesin West in Scottsdale has inspired Jones, prescribed so long ago. “Whenever I’m confused or frustrated,” Jones says, “I just ask nature what she wants.”

Eddie Jones



  • David Stewart
  • August 11,2023

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