September 26,2022

2010 AD100: Kelly Hoppen

by David Stewart

The designer who has devoted much of her last 25 working years to developing a design vocabulary characterized by straight lines, strict symmetry and neutral color has lately been introducing certain changes to her celebrated approach. “My style,” says London-based Kelly Hoppen, “has become a lot more eclectic. I’m using a lot of vintage pieces and have introduced more round and female shapes into my work. I have also started to add splashes of color, creating great focal points while keeping a space very pure in its core.”

Hoppen’s change has a well-documented before and after, chronicled in her many books, from 1997’s East Meets West to 2002’s Monochrome Home to 2003’s Kelly Hoppen Close Up to 2004’s Kelly Hoppen Style . Having her concepts available in book form provides her clients with the power to articulate in visual terms what they hope she will achieve in their project. Nonetheless, one would be mistaken to assume that Hoppen and her team of 30 would deliver anything but a made-to-measure riff on the Hoppen aesthetic. “Having a strong trademark style helps you to attract the clients you ultimately want to work for and who trust in what you do,” acknowledges Hoppen. “However, it is just as important to be able to translate your style and trademark look into what the client wants, taking their personal taste, culture and living habits into consideration.”

Kelly Hoppen



  • David Stewart
  • September 26,2022

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