January 01,2023

2010 AD100: Robert M. Gurney

by David Stewart

In a lot of ways, naiveté early in your career encourages creativity and frees you to explore design solutions that you might be hesitant to try once you’re armed with more knowledge,” says Robert M. Gurney.

The Washington, D.C., architect still takes an open-minded approach to each project. His Modern designs go well beyond the simple box. “All our projects begin with an exploration of the site, including topography, context and history,” he explains. “We combine that with spatial requirements and living patterns to generate design solutions that are modern, functional and light-filled.” And what inspires his designs? “The forms and colors used in Constructivist art, Cubism and Russian Futurism,” he says. And he always considers his clients’ desires over the size of a commission. “The client’s commitment to good design outweighs a client’s commitment to financial resources,” he says.

Robert M. Gurney



  • David Stewart
  • January 01,2023

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