May 31,2024

2014 AD100: Steven Volpe Design

by David Stewart

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A protégé of Anthony Hail, San Francisco–based Steven Volpe has continued the esteemed decorator’s legacy of crafting refined Old World–influenced interiors while bringing his own forward-looking ideas to bear. Volpe, a champion of cutting-edge design, fearlessly mixes arresting pieces by luminaries like Zaha Hadid, Joris Laarman, and Marc Newson with 20th-century treasures and choice antiques to create historically grounded homes animated by the new and now. The designer’s savvy curatorial sensibility—appreciated by Silicon Valley tech giants and international connoisseurs alike—also guides the program at Hedge, the adventurous San Francisco design gallery where Volpe and cofounder Roth Martin highlight innovative work by Arik Levy, Sam Orlando Miller, Ritsue Mishima, and others. stevenvolpeom

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  • David Stewart
  • May 31,2024

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