December 08,2023

2014 AD100: Thomas Britt Inc.

by David Stewart

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Individualism and vibrancy define the work of designer Thomas Britt. “I’m enthused about clients who are tuned-in and excited, who know what they like,” says the native Missourian, who took New York City by storm when he opened his firm in 1964. Since then he’s served high-profile homeowners on multiple continents, devising luxurious environments that are primed for entertaining—typically sporting jaunty colors, dramatic lighting, and deep-dish upholstered furniture. They often exude a whiff of exoticism, too: The decorator is passionate about Indian culture (he designed a palace apartment for the late Rajmata of Jaipur) and has a winning way with boldly patterned carpets and splashes of mirror. thomasbritom

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  • David Stewart
  • December 08,2023

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