February 12,2021

Advantages and Drawbacks of Bamboo Floors

by David Stewart

Bamboo floors are used for laying decoration. Bamboo floors have many advantages. More and more people are using floors made of this material.

Bamboo flooring is an environment-friendly and green product. It has high density and good toughness. This kind of floor has high strength. It is very strong and durable, and is not easy to deform.

The texture of bamboo floor is relatively bright and clean. The performance of color and luster is also very soft, elegant and generous.

The floor made of this material has good performance in mildew resistance and moth resistance. It has good flame retardancy and antistatic effect. The most important point is that the installation process is very convenient and simple. It is recognized as a high-quality decorative material in the new century.

The floor made of this material is beautiful. It has the fragrance of bamboo. Bamboo can absorb ultraviolet rays well. It is beneficial to people's vision after being laid.

Warm winter and cool summer are one of the advantages of this kind of flooring material. It can adjust and maintain the temperature. The thermal conductivity of bamboo is low. If you live in a bamboo floor environment for a long time, you can greatly reduce the occurrence of rheumatic arthritis and heart disease.

The color difference of bamboo floor is small. It is divided into two forms: natural color and artificial painting. Natural color wood floor has uniform color bamboo lines, and the color is bright and bright. If it is artificially painted bamboo floor, the bamboo pattern is not obvious. In the choice of painting color, the surface treatment of bamboo floor is mostly varnish, bright paint and matte paint. These types of paint can maintain the bamboo pattern of bamboo floor to a great extent.

Good stability is also one of the characteristics of this type of floor. It can take different water content control according to the climate in different regions. Such a setting can make its cracking deformation rate much smaller than that of solid wood floor.

Another point is that the bamboo fiber of the bamboo floor adopts the combination of hollow brick arrangement. It has been greatly strengthened in tensile strength and compressive strength.

The service life of bamboo flooring is long. Under normal circumstances, bamboo flooring can be used for about 20 years.

The long service life is also related to the maintenance of bamboo flooring. If possible, the bamboo floor should be waxed once every 2-3 months or so. Then it should also be noted that bamboo floors must not be exposed to the rain.

Compared with solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring shrinks and expands less. In the durability of real life, bamboo flooring will also show a little weakness. It is easy to delaminate or lead to moths in bamboo under sun or with water. All these situations will seriously affect their service life.

  • David Stewart
  • February 12,2021

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