October 03,2022

Architecture Firm MVRDV Is the Winner of the Ravel Plaza Design Competition in Holland

by David Stewart

Last week, Dutch-based architecture firm MVRDV was announced as the winner of the Ravel Plaza design competition, whose challenge was to develop a plot of land in the bustling financial district of Amsterdam. MVRDV’s model—which was selected after seven months of deliberation by the city officials—involves three foliage-covered towers that combine as one building, housing offices, residences, and commercial properties. Designed in collaboration with OVG Real Estate, the building will be located on Beethoven Street, adjacent to the headquarters of ABN AMRO (a Dutch state-owned bank) and beside the Amsterdam Football Club’s sports complex.

According to MVRDV, the project was conceived with the aim of creating a multiuse building that would be innovative, sustainable, and, to a large degree, open to the public. “We combine the quality of living in a green environment with the centrality and excitement of an urban environment,” said MVRDV cofounder and architect, Winy Maas. “The homes will have bay windows with beautiful views and large balconies with lots of vegetation, turning the whole building into a kind of village green.” There has been no announcement on when construction will begin or its projected completion date.

  • David Stewart
  • October 03,2022

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