July 15,2022

Breaking New Ground

by David Stewart


Architect Paul R. Williams, whose career spanned six decades, made a dramatic mark on the residential and public architecture of Southern California. He designed Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's Palm Springs house in 1954, at the height of their television show's popularity.


Williams, in 1962, near the Theme Building, part of a 1960s commission at Los Angeles International Airport done in collaboration with the firms Pereira & Luckman and Welton Becket and Associates.


The rear façade of the 1957 Robert Gildred house in Beverly Hills.


In the years following World War II, Williams took on more commercial projects. Among them were the extensive renovations to Perino's, a Los Angeles restaurant, in 1949 and 1963.


The complete redesign—in association with A. Quincy Jones—of the Palm Springs Tennis Club in 1947.


A 1931 design, E. L. Cord's Beverly Hills estate, made his reputation as one of Los Angeles's top residential architects. The poolhouse.


"Buildings are monuments which are meant to be functional, lived in, and to serve a definite purpose. They are meant to be more than fashionable," Williams once wrote. The bathhouse at Jay Paley's Bel-Air residence, a 1934 project.

  • David Stewart
  • July 15,2022

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