January 08,2021

Choose the Right Size to Make the Wardrobe Unique

by David Stewart

As we all know, to many girls, a wardrobe is the most important part. It is not only an essential for every family, but also a banner of decoration styles. Many families choose custom wardrobes when decorating. This looks good and suitable for their own decoration style. Choose the right size to make the best use of your wardrobe. More rational space is also one of the most important considerations.

The following teaches you the correct layout of the wardrobe. Create your personal high-end custom wardrobe.

The general size of the wardrobe can refer to the following data:

Serial Number

Key Points


Depth of open-door wardrobe: 550-600 mm


Depth of sliding door wardrobe: ≥ 626 mm


Distance from the lower edge of the garment hanging pole to the bottom plate: long garment > 1350 mm, short garment > 900 mm


Depth of stacking area: > 450 mm


The upper edge of the top drawer is above the ground: < 1250 mm


The lower edge of the bottom drawer is above the ground: > 60 mm


Drawer depth: 400-500 mm

Reference belongs to reference. In fact, there is no standard template for the space and layout of the wardrobe. This has a lot to do with personal use and usage habits. The prerequisite for choosing the right wardrobe is to understand the specific needs of personal use of the wardrobe. For a family, there may be young children, young parents and elderly grandparents. Every age in the family has different needs and requirements for wardrobes. For each different group of people, adding their special needs, choosing the right wardrobe is not a difficult task.

(1) Children

Compared with other ages, children's wardrobe is the worthiest of attention. As children grow up, various aspects such as height will change over time. The requirements for wardrobes have also changed accordingly. Therefore, when making a children's wardrobe at the beginning, it is necessary to take the growth factor into consideration. The size of the wardrobe can be appropriately large, or it can be designed according to the size of an adult. It is worth noting that children's clothing generally has fewer pendants. There are more clothes to be stacked, and there must be enough space to put toys and other related items. So, it is best to have a large full-body cabinet for wardrobe design. Hanging above, vacant below. At the same time, some storage boxes can be placed appropriately. It is convenient for children to open the cabinet at any time to take things out and satisfy their playful mentality.

(2) Young People

Young people are the main group of consumption in modern society. Naturally, they have a lot of clothing. So, one of the requirements for the wardrobe is to have enough capacity. Secondly, young people usually like to hang up their clothes because of work. This allows them to choose clothes easily and quickly when they go out. Therefore, the requirement for the wardrobe is fewer partitions and more space. On the other hand, young people have more clutter. Therefore, special small grids or drawers can be designed. It is not only conducive to the maintenance of clothes, but also orderly.

(3) The Elderly

Old people generally have nostalgic thoughts. They keep the old things to a large extent, but they are generally stacked. This puts forward requirements for storage functions. It is best to use more partitions for classification. In addition, due to the physical condition of the elderly, it is not suitable for climbing or squatting. The bottom can be set as a hanging area during design. The partition and the folding area are more suitable in the middle position. It is best to match the height of the user. The drawers in the closet should be 1-meter high from the ground.

In short, a good layout and suitable size will satisfy your illusion of a wardrobe. This is true whether you are a shopping enthusiast or a home storage manager. Create your own personal wardrobe and build a warm haven for your clothing. Let the wardrobe escort your warm life from now on.


  • David Stewart
  • January 08,2021

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