June 23,2023

Graceful Juxtaposition

by David Stewart


Post's aim was to "respect the apartment's prewar details" yet imbue the spaces with her elegant brand of modernism.

Barry Flanagan's 2005 bronze Monument to Letters stands in the living room. Another bronze, Dimitry Gerrman's 1997 Expecting , is in the dining room.


"You walk through 17-foot gates and immediately leave the sounds of the city. You feel like you're in a castle," designer Jennifer Post says of the entrance to the Apthorp, the landmark 1908 Renaissance Revival building she lives in on New York's Upper West Side.


"It's almost impossible to design for one's self because you have a passion for so many types of pieces," Post admits.


Transforming the once-dark living room that she calls "gracious, not formal" was a six-month process. Carpet, Patterson, Flynn Martin.


So much light floods the apartment that "I never turn on my lights during the day," the designer reports.


"The rooms are proportioned beautifully, and I was able to take advantage of that," Post says.

A mirror in the living room reflects the dining room—together, the spaces span almost 60 feet. She heightened the connection between the two, using identical carpets and chandeliers.

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An untitled 2000 oil by Catherine Lynch hangs in the dining room; Post's goldfish, Atlantic, has called the tabletop home for nearly five years.

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"I'm so productive and relaxed here," Post says of her study. Works by Alberto Giacometti, rear, and Robert Ryman, right, are on the walls.


In the master bedroom are Bret Reilly's Lick , 2006, and a 2001 Jacqueline Humphries oil. Rug, Patterson, Flynn Martin.

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  • David Stewart
  • June 23,2023

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