January 22,2021

How to Choose a Real Leather Sofa

by David Stewart

Leather sofas are more and more popular. But the price of leather sofas is slightly higher. Then its purchase is of particular importance. How can we distinguish a real leather sofa that can satisfies us?

1. To look: First of all, we should distinguish from the patterns and pores of leather. We can see patterns and pores on the surface of natural leather. Their distribution is uneven. There are animal fibers on the opposite side. We can see clear levels of the section. There are animal fibers in the lower layer. Scraping with fingernails will cause leather fibers to stand up. It feels like velvet. A few fibers will fall off. We can see fabrics on the reverse side of synthetic leather. But there is no animal fiber on the side. In most cases, there are no pores in the epidermis. But some may have artificial pores. There will be inconspicuous pores. Some patterns are not obvious. Some of them may have regular artificial patterns. The pores are quite consistent. The shape of natural leather is irregular. The thickness is uneven. Its surface has some natural defects more or less. The surface is smooth and meticulous. In most cases, the side and abdomen are looser. All-material surface leather has obvious pores and patterns. Leather usually has pile. However, synthetic leather has uniform thickness and no natural defects. Pores and patterns are evenly distributed. Leather is generally free of pile.


2.For finished leather products, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false leather. In particular, the area is small and the structure is tight. Thus, it is uneasy to see the leather products inside. The following are the identification methods for such products. (1) Look at the appearance first. The texture is even. It has no disability and no coarse lines. There may be artificial leather like this without obvious defects. But there are some differences in the texture of real leather. In particular, the difference between the junction of the main part and the secondary part of leather products is more obvious. (2) Observe the pore distribution and shape in detail. Natural leather has many holes. And it is not easy to see their bottom. They slightly inclined. Leather with simple and vertical pores may be synthetic leather modified surface leather. (3) Observe the transverse section. The cross-sectional fibers of natural leather have their own features. The fiber thickness of each layer has obvious changes. However, each layer of synthetic leather fiber is uniform. And the surface layer is plastic film-like.

2. To touch: The leather is smooth, soft, plump and elastic when touched by hand. Bend the front of the leather down about 90 degrees. And it will appear natural wrinkles. Bend different parts. If the thickness of the fold is obviously uneven, then you can make sure it is dermis. Because real leather has natural and uneven fiber tissue. The wrinkle roads are obviously uneven. However, the general artificial synthetic leather has rigid surface and poor softness. It feels like plastic. The recovery is poor. Most of the folds are similar in thickness when bent down.

3. To smell: Natural leather has a strong fur flavor. Even after treatment, the taste is obvious. While artificial leather products have the taste of plastic and no fur.

The above is the correct way to identify and purchase leather sofas. With skilled and reasonable use of these methods, you will be able to buy your favorite leather sofa.

  • David Stewart
  • January 22,2021

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