January 29,2021

How to Choose a Solid Wood Sofa

by David Stewart

For people who want to buy solid wood sofas, how to purchase is a headache. So, what should you pay attention to when buying a solid wood sofa?

1. The Required Size

Measure the size of your own living room. Find out how big a solid wood sofa you need. The common ones on the market are modular sofas, two-seat sofas, three-seat sofas, L-shaped sofas and so on. If you need other sizes, you can ask the maker to order them.

2. Material Needed

The main cost of solid wood sofa is the price of solid wood raw materials and the designer's design cost. The more precious the materials selected, the higher the price of the sofa. Consumers without professional knowledge can master such a principle. The higher the hardness of the wood, the more beautiful the wood grain. And the higher the price. Rare woods include red sandalwood, rose wood, nanmu and so on. These woods are common materials for high-end Chinese classical furniture. It is hard to find on the market. The more precious woods are ash, teak golden, teak, rosewood, rosewood, wenge, pineapple grid, ebony, beech, maple, red sandalwood, oak and so on. Other common woods include rubber wood, ash, pine, fir, paulownia, elm, oak and so on.

3. To Avoid the Defective Wood

The main stress-bearing parts of the sofa are the columns and the load-bearing bars near the ground between the connecting columns. They should have no large knots, cracks, or cracks. The structure is firm. And the frame must not be loosened. Tenon breakage and material breakage are not allowed. The man-made panels used on the sofa should be edge-sealed. All kinds of accessories must be installed with no missing pieces, missing nails, and penetration nails. Observe the quality of wood. Open the interior of the sofa. Then observe whether the wood is dry and white. And see whether the texture is tight and delicate.

4. The Strength of the Board

You can press by fingers to feel the fastness of the board surface. One side of the material should be fixed by a Tic-shaped solid frame. If the skeleton is sparse, you will feel empty and unreal when you press the surface. And the panel will vibrate greatly. The paint film on the surface of the product is not allowed to be wrinkled, sticky or leaking.

Consumers can shake the solid wood sofa a little to see if its main structure is loose. If the frame of the sofa is loose, there will be sound when shaking.

5. Surface Paint

Solid wood furniture has no harmful gases such as formaldehyde. But it is necessary to ask the business whether it has been painted or whether the paint is friendly to the environment.

6. Comfort

In the final analysis, the solid wood sofa is still a seat. Thus, sitting comfortably is the most important thing. When buying a sofa, you must sit on it and experience it. The most important thing about a sofa is comfort. No matter how fancy the appearance is, it can only be decorative. Comfort is the most practical. So, when you buy, you must sit and experience it first to see if it meets your requirements.

7. After-Sales Service

At last, ask the merchant about the relevant after-sales service. Clarify the scope and time of the solid wood sofa warranty. And ask whether there is a warranty card.

When buying a solid wood sofa, please pay attention to the above points. Then you can buy a suitable and satisfactory solid wood sofa.

  • David Stewart
  • January 29,2021

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