March 12,2021

How to Choose Solid Wood Flooring?

by David Stewart

When decorating new homes, many families will choose to use solid wood floors to lay the ground. So how should solid wood flooring be selected to be healthier, more natural and more effective?

If you want to install solid wood flooring, you must go to the physical store to understand it carefully. The local floor furniture market should be run all over, and more comparisons and inquiries should be made. Only in this way can we truly understand the price and quality of solid wood flooring.

Only when you see different plate styles in physical stores can you understand the authenticity of solid wood flooring.

If there are relatives, friends or neighbors whose homes have already installed solid wood floors, you can go to visit the door and have a look. The effect after decoration will be more authentic.

You can also ask the user's evaluation to know more about the experience of solid wood flooring.

How to choose solid wood flooring needs a comprehensive investigation. Word of mouth is a very critical test standard. Most families can only stay at the level of understanding. None of them are experts, so they cannot really understand solid wood flooring. According to the user's word of mouth on different brand styles of solid wood flooring, the choice can be made.

In the process of visiting and purchasing in the physical store, you should carefully inquire about the material and tree species of the solid wood floor. There are also indicators such as thickness, size and moisture content. The important thing is to check the relevant qualification reports.

Also, take a look at the quality of the solid wood flooring in the store. Feel the quality of workmanship. Whether there are blemishes or bug eyes, etc.

When using solid wood flooring in decoration, price is not the only factor to consider, but also the style of decoration should be comprehensively considered. What kind of style can be chosen for solid wood flooring according to one's favorite style. You can't just listen to the recommendation of the sales staff.

After-sales problems of solid wood flooring should also be carefully inquired. You need to check the situation when signing the purchase contract. Don't be fooled by the hidden overlord clause.

You can also know more about the situation with the workers who install solid wood flooring. It is not wrong to learn from professional people. Teachers have rich experience in the long-term decoration process of what brand and what quality.

The quality of the base material for solid wood flooring shall be checked. Carefully check for bug eyes and cracks or board defects such as decayed blue or dead joints.

Attention should be paid to these elements when selecting the quality of paint. To check whether the paint surface is uniform, smooth and flat. Good solid wood flooring is paint-free, bubble-free and crack-free.

At the same time, it also depends on whether the adhesion of the floor paint film is qualified. To select products that meet the standards. The surface of the floor has good wear resistance. Products with wear value within 0.15 g/100 rpm are the better choice. There is also the high hardness of the paint film.

In short, consumers should carefully and seriously measure their thinking. It is right to choose the most suitable one.


  • David Stewart
  • March 12,2021

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