September 23,2022

How to Dress Like an Architect This Halloween

by David Stewart

If, come October 31, you’re the sort that dons a pair of thick-framed glasses and calls yourself Philip Johnson, it’s time to step up your game. For a less ubiquitous architectural ensemble, we’ve deconstructed the signature styles of three more distinctively attired designers. Whether you opt for Le Corbusier’s minimalist precision, Zaha Hadid’s structural pizzazz, or Peter Marino’s leather-daddy élan, your design-savvy friends will catch on before you can utter the overused “starchitect.” Keep your language exacting and your gaze severe, and you’re sure to be drafting blueprints for party guests by the end of the night.

To capture Le Corbusier’s smart swagger, start with a double-breasted wool tweed jacket and a crisp white shirt. Pop on a bow tie and round glasses (the architect designed these himself), and with a few puffs on a wood pipe , you’ll be a mirror image of the minimalist master. Add a bald cap , if you please.

Dressing as architect Zaha Hadid is all about the silhouette. Start with a black origami-inspired frock by one of Hadid’s favorite designers, Issey Miyake, then add architectural heels (these were her own design) and a statement cuff in silver or gold. Finish it off with a plum-color lipstick by her go-to, Tom Ford.

Though the leather-obsessed architect Peter Marino gets most of his slick duds custom made, you can riff on his tough look with a leather jacket , smoky shades , and—of course—a police officer’s hat . Pile on the silver jewelry , preferably anything featuring skulls or crosses, and any other leather items you have on hand. Be sure to pose for pictures with your hands on your hips or clasping your belt.

  • David Stewart
  • September 23,2022

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