January 22,2021

How to Make Soft Home Outfit

by David Stewart

The term "soft outfit" has been established in the industry in recent years. In fact, a more accurate one should be called "home furnishings". Home furnishings refers to the furniture furnishings and other household soft decoration elements. And artistic conception to be expressed is presented through design techniques.

The application of soft clothing in interior design gives the occupants a good visual enjoyment. It also makes people feel warm and comfortable. The soft outfit has its own unique charm.

1. Set the style before making the soft outfit

In soft design, the most important concept is to first determine overall style of the home. And then use accessories to do embellishment. The style is the general direction. It's like an outline when writing. And soft costume is a rhetorical device. For example, some people like metaphors, others like exaggeration.

2. Plan at the beginning of decoration.

Many people think that after the completion of the pre-foundation decoration. It is not too late to consider the late accessories. In fact, soft matching should start early. It is best to list all your own habits at the beginning of the new house planning. And you should communicate well with the designer.

3. Take a reasonable proportion.

The classic proportion distribution in soft matching is the golden section. You might as well use the perfect ratio of 1: 0.618 to divide bedroom space.

4. The combination of stability and lightness.

The combination of stable and lightweight soft clothing is suitable in many places. The space with overweight soft equipment will make people feel depressed. And too light seems to be frivolous. Therefore, in the soft design, we should pay attention to the importance of color matching. There are also problems such as the shape and size of household decorations. And the reasonableness of the overall layout is also included.

5. Use of comparison and reconciliation.

In the home layout, the use of contrasting techniques is ubiquitous. For example, there is light and dark contrast, color cold and warm contrast. And it has material texture contrast, traditional and modern contrast. Through these techniques can make home style more levels and more changes. To deduce a different rhythm of life style.

6. Grasp the rhythm and rhythm.

Rhythm is realized through the distinction of mass size, and alternation of virtual and real space. And density of component arrangement, change of length, the interspersing of softness and rigidity is also important. Different rhythms can be used in soft design. But it can be upsetting if you use more than two rhythms in the same room.

In the bedroom decoration, the visual center is extremely important. Create a good hierarchical sense of beauty with a clear distinction. Between primary and secondary is the focus of the layout. The emphasis on a certain part can break the monotonous sense of the overall situation. And it can make the whole room vibrant.

8. The principle of unity and change.

The arrangement of soft equipment should follow the principle of diversity and unity. Furniture should have a unified style and style. Through ornaments and furnishings and other embellishments, further provide living taste. Orange, which is good for appetite, can be the main color of the restaurant. Hang a green decorative painting on the wall as a change of overall tone.


  • David Stewart
  • January 22,2021

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