February 19,2021

Introduction of Common Wardrobe Plates

by David Stewart

The most important thing in the wardrobe is the board. It is the main material of the wardrobe. A bad board will seriously affect the quality of the wardrobe. It even affects the health of the home. Nowadays, there are many kinds of plates on the market. There are great differences in the selection of raw materials and the manufacturing process. Different characteristics have different advantages and disadvantages. There are some most favorable wardrobe boards by decoration people. They include density board, solid wood particle board, solid wood multi-layer board, blockboard, and ecological board, etc. What are the commonly used wardrobe boards? The following is an introduction to you.


1. Density Board

Maybe your budget for the wardrobe is relatively limited. Choosing a density board will be a good decision. This kind of plate is a common kind of plate. It is made of powdered wood fiber through high-temperature pressing. It has good flatness. This kind of plate is soft in texture and resistant to impact. The intensity is higher. After pressing, the density is uniform and easy to reprocess. It is suitable for making a plastic blister board, paint baking board, etc. However, the disadvantage is the poor water resistance. It is easy to expand and deform. How to choose the density board? The Density board detects formaldehyde emission and structural strength. The Density board is divided into E1 grade and E2 grade according to formaldehyde emission. Density boards with formaldehyde emission exceeding 30 mg/100g belong to the unqualified ra30 mg. Generally speaking, the density board of regular and large-scale production plants is qualified. At present, most of the density boards sold on the market are E2 grade. Plates of E1 grade are a minority.

2. Solid Wood Granular Board

Most people put environmental protection and pollution-free interior decoration first. People pay more and more attention to indoor environmental protection. Everyone is extremely cautious in selecting materials. Many people consider solid wood particleboards when building wardrobes. It is a new type of environment-friendly base material produced by particleboard technology. The density of solid wood particle board is high. The wood fiber particles in the board are large. They preserve the essence of natural wood. The use content of adhesive in solid wood particle board is generally less than 5%. So, environmental protection is better. It's processability and particleboard belong to the good category. The solid wood particle board is similar to plywood and has good mechanical properties. It is suitable for decoration structural materials. You can measure from some aspects. Processing performance, quality, service life, and economic benefits. The solid wood granular board is an ideal material in furniture making and interior decoration. The price of the granular board is slightly high. I believe the price of the solid wood granular board will be more competitive. In the future, the cost of raw materials for solid wood granular boards will be further reduced. The price of products will also be reduced. This is a big advantage for other plates.


3. Solid Wood Multilayer Board

Maybe you have higher requirements for wardrobe quality. You may have a relatively sufficient budget for home decoration. You can consider choosing solid wood multilayer boards. The production cost of this kind of plate is high. It is made of three or more layers of solid wood veneer or sheet gluing about one millimeter. It is made by hot pressing. The common ones are three splints, five splints, nine splints, and twelve splints. The board core includes poplar, miscellaneous wood, amine wood multi-layer board, etc. The solid wood multilayer board has good structural strength and stability. However, you should note the glue content of plywood. It should not be too large. During construction, edge sealing should be done well to reduce pollution. When purchasing solid wood multi-layer boards, you should consider their formaldehyde emission and gluing strength. Maybe the bonding strength of plywood is not good. It will easily fall apart. When selecting, pay attention to whether the nominal thickness of plywood is consistent with the actual thickness.

4. Ecological Paint-free Board

The ecological paint-free board is the most cost-effective board on the market. You may pursue economic benefits and pay attention to home health. You will not regret choosing the ecological board. In recent years, ecological boards have been used more widely. So, many people will choose them when building wardrobes. All solid wood ecological paint-free board has good stability, strong deformation resistance, and strong nail holding force. Its environmental protection level is high. It reaches the European E0 standard. Formaldehyde emission is below 0.5.

It is an introduction to the above commonly used wardrobe plates. You can have a certain understanding of the material selection. When choosing a wardrobe board, you won't be so confused. All kinds of wardrobe boards have their own advantages and disadvantages. Users should combine their own needs. What suits you is the best.

  • David Stewart
  • February 19,2021

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