October 09,2022

Marc Fornes Implemented Digital Fabrication Technology for a New Canopy in France

by David Stewart

New York–based architect and designer Marc Fornes has recently completed an outdoor installation for the Lycée Christian Bourquin, a newly constructed high school in Argeles, France. Located roughly an hour from the Spanish border on the southern tip of France, the multicolor permanent structure—built of lightweight, perforated aluminium plates—will serve as an informal amphitheater. During the day, sunlight streams through the weblike canopy, casting patterned shadows on the ground.

Called Pleated Inflation, the canopy was created in part by using computational design and digital fabrication systems, which formed the abstract structure. Measuring 46 feet at its widest point and 21 feet at its tallest, the canopy was built on location in four days by a team of four.

The project was commissioned as part of France’s 1 percent Artistic Program. Established in 1951, the program was formed to ensure that one percent of any budget on construction or renovation of a public building is used for some form of artwork.

  • David Stewart
  • October 09,2022

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