May 25,2022

May 2017 has been an amazing Award-winning month for Legal Eagle! We are truly blessed.

by David Stewart

On Wednesday May 10 th our Legal Eagle Team attended the Greater Houston BBB Excellence Awards at Bayou City Event Center and received our 9 th BBB Award of Distinction .   Businesses from Harris and 11 other counties surrounding Houston are vetted to decide the winners. “We are thrilled to be chosen for this honor again this year!” said Dan Bawden, President and CEO of Legal Eagle Contractors (see photo).

On Friday May 12th , Legal Eagle was honored by Houston Adult & Family Protective Services ( AFPS ) for a charity project it took on early this Spring. The project involved helping a 96-year-old World War II veteran named “Mr. Buzz Cotton”. A home visitation by AFPS revealed Mr. Cotton was living in very poor conditions. A retired home-builder, he built a 20’ x 25’ home by himself in the 1980’s out of scrap lumber and leftover construction materials. The home had a corrugated tin roof that was constantly leaking, damaging the ceilings and insulation, and creating dangerously moldy environment. Every year Mr. Cotton would place a 30’ tall extension ladder against his home, climb 25 feet up to the roof and stretch a large tarp over the old tarps from prior years, to stall the water intrusion into his home.

This annual ritual need to stop. At 96, he did not need to be scampering up an extension ladder! The first day I met Buzz Cotton, he told me a story that typifies his personality. He said, “Years ago another home builder approached me to become business partners.” Mr. Cotton asked his name. The gentleman said “Mr. Picken.” Buzz immediately replied “Oh, then we could never be partners because the company name would have to be “The Cotton-Picken Builders!”. “This man is a real character”, said Bawden. “Turns out that, though he was never wealthy, he had been a generous man his whole life, giving most of what he had to children’s and pet rescue charities” , noted Bawden. “How could you not want to give back to a man like that?”

“We are a small company but we believe our highest calling is to be of service to others using our construction skills and resources. We look for opportunities and help out where we can. Mr. Cotton is certainly a deserving individual. It was no coincidence God connected us through AFPS” , said Bawden.

On May 30, 2017 Legal Eagle was honored by the State Department of Family Services in Austin, Texas for the Buzz Cotton Project. This is the first time the State has given recognition in the form of a State Commissioner’s Award. (see photo) This is the first time the State has given a Commissioner’s Award to a non-employee of the agent

Triple play!

By Dan Bawden CEO Legal Eagle Contractors 6.20.17

  • David Stewart
  • May 25,2022

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