January 29,2021

Precautions for Soft Outfit

by David Stewart

Soft outfit plays a vital role in improving the home environment. Every choice of the owner determines the overall decoration style of the house.

Soft Outfit Design

You should reasonably design the soft outfit of furniture according to some factors. Such as space size, style, function, culture, etc. There are different spaces. The soft outfit design style will have different requirements. They include the shape, color and specifications of the home. We want to improve the happiness of residents. The furniture we design and select should be closely related to the daily life of the owners.

The soft outfit design scheme is only the first step. We should complete the purchase and placement at the back. Then it can be a perfect soft outfit.

Item Sheet of Production Procurement

There are many things needed for soft outfit. We should avoid procurement confusion. We should make a classification table of procurement items at first. You should classify all the items classified according to the major categories of soft outfit. Purchase according to the categories. The categories of general purchases include many things. Furniture, lamps, curtains, carpets, bedding, ornaments, flowers and paintings.

Arrangement of Procurement Sequence

Furniture has the longest construction period. The second period is the production time of fabric and lamps. Therefore, we should formulate different purchasing orders. The correct order is furniture, lamps and fabrics, paintings, floral arts, ornaments, etc. Recursive in turn. Place orders in sequence. Take advantage of the gap waiting for the production time. Orderly complete the soft outfit work in the later period.

Choice of Lighting

Combine the lighting with the degree of light and shade in the space. We will achieve a soft and beautiful space. It brings a warm atmosphere to the space. The purchase of lighting is particularly important. There are basically two ways to purchase lighting. You can customize according to the pattern. The other is direct sample selection and purchase. You should design the customized lamps in good harmony with the project space. The custom lamps are single and unique. Some are useless because of style problems. It will waste manpower and money. Be sure to verify the material when placing an order. The actual prices of materials that look similar vary greatly. There are many kinds of crystals. Such as advanced crystals and ordinary crystals. It is necessary to know the material of supplier.

Choice of Soft Outfit Cloth Art

Soft outfit cloth art includes curtains, bedding, carpets, tablecloths, etc. The fabric part is cumbersome. Soft clothing companies generally solve the fabric part by themselves. They have their own customization and finished product procurement. Soft outfit designers use the color and material of fabric. They reasonably match furniture. It brings warm atmosphere to the whole space through fabric decorations. It is full of emotional appeal.

The Collocation of Flowers

Potted flowers can purify the air and beautify the space skillfully. It can be closer to nature. They should match potted flowers according to the size and function of the space. These require soft outfit designers should have more knowledge of flower potted plants.

To sum up, choose the right matching design of soft outfit. It keeps the whole space flexible and consistent. Take residents as the center. Design their favorite soft outfits.

  • David Stewart
  • January 29,2021

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