February 05,2021

Sequence of Soft Outfit of Decoration

by David Stewart

Many people have heard such terms when they decorate. Soft outfit and hard outfit. These two are important steps for decoration. Soft outfit and hard outfit can make house warmer and comfortable. So many people spend a lot of energy on soft and hard outfit. The decoration sequences of these two parts are different. There are various operation steps of them. Generally, soft outfit is after hard outfit. This time, I would like to share the sequence of soft outfit with you.

First: Customize the cabinet. Maybe you want a customized cabinet. You should measure the actual size according to the conditions. Then are the design and production. In this way, you can install the fixed frame design in the home first. It avoids incoordination caused by the later design. Design in advance can do basic work for other designs.

Second: mobile home. There are generally two types of mobile homes. You can directly buy them. You may want the personalized customization. Install the customized cabinet design. Then place furniture products in other spaces. So, people can choose suitable mobile household products according to their personal needs and preferences. When choosing, they can choose to accord to the order. First big and then small. First living room and then dining room, bedroom and study room. Take living room as an example. Sofa, TV cabinet, tea table, side cabinet, etc. This order can offer furniture enough space.

Third: decorations. Place furniture products. You can choose and buy various decorations. Such as curtains, bedding, tablecloths, hanging pictures, ornaments, green plants, etc. These can make home more warmly and harmoniously. Of course, you can decorate these decorations a bit after check-in.

Fourth: household appliances. There are types of household appliances. You can put them last. So, people can be more targeted. Add household appliances one by one according to the needs of their home locations. Such as washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. These household appliances can offer on-site installation. They are not within the scope of soft and hard equipment.

We have known the above soft-fitting steps. The appearance of the home will gradually come into view. So, we should pay attention to a certain order. Otherwise, the decoration will look at sixes and sevens. It cannot achieve the desired effect. Home decoration is a complicated process. People should sort out the sequence and perfect it step by step. They should not buy all the products at one time. Maybe you don't know much about this aspect. You can find a professional decoration company. They will consult your need. Design the appropriate decoration effect diagram. Then sort out the sequence of steps of decoration for everyone. This work assures the quality of people's family decoration. There are some single-piece household products needed in the soft-outfit process. Everyone can purchase them step by step in sequence.

  • David Stewart
  • February 05,2021

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