June 21,2024

Tetris House Is Now Available to Live in Around the Globe

by David Stewart

When Tetris—the electronic game that rewards users for correctly aligning falling geometric blocks—debuted in the 1980s, it became an instant star of the video arcade and the back rooms of countless dive bars. In subsequent decades, it has remained an unlikely favorite, appearing on televisions, computers, and cell phones—whether via television console, computer screen, or cell phone. Now, Tetris’s iconic shapes are coming together in the form of designable prefab homes.

Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, founder of Amsterdam-based Universe Architecture, has recently announced Tetris House, a home that is ready for worldwide distribution. Much like the video game, Ruijssenaars allows builders to link together shapes—in this case three modular steel structures—to create one complete home that, with all exteriors transparent, contains a wide sweeping views of its surroundings. Each standard house measures 1,883 square feet, and elements such as balconies and shutters can be added on.

This is not Ruijssenaars’s first foray into unusual design concepts: In 2006, Time named his floating bed—a levitating bed held afloat by repelling magnets strong enough to support nearly two thousand pounds—among the year’s top inventions.

Prices for Tetris Houses will depend on geographical specifications. For more information visit tetrishousel .

  • David Stewart
  • June 21,2024

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