April 02,2021

The Cleaning of Leather Sofas

by David Stewart

Sofa is one of the furniture that attracts consumers most. If people want to lie down and rest when they return home, they will lie on the sofa or the bed. In different kinds of sofas, leather sofas have occupied a large market share. They are favored by consumers.

In a narrow sense, genuine leather is cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, etc. Leather is used in shoes, bags, clothing and sofas in daily life. Generally, leather for shoes, bags and clothing will be pigskin and sheepskin. Most sofa leather is almost cow leather. Therefore, most sofas on the market are cowhide sofas. If consumers buy leather sofas, how should they clean them at home?

Leather sofas are cleaned once a month or half a year, depending on the degree of personal use. If you are lazy, you can clean it every 3 months. If you are industrious, you can take care of it every day. This depends on personal habits. There are no mandatory regulations.

The cleaning steps for leather sofas are as follows:

First, use gauze dipped in warm water to wipe the surface of the sofa clean. Leather scrubbers and protective agents can be purchased in supermarkets. Use them to wipe the surface of leather. Remember not to use much strength. It is easy to make grinding marks. Another less well-known method is to wipe the inner surface of banana peel. The inside of banana peel has a protective effect on the surface of the skin material. The price is low. If you are interested, you can try it.

Second, if your children are naughty, you may spill stains on the leather sofa. That is troublesome. How should we clean the leather at this time? We need to wipe off the oil stain as soon as possible. However, if it has been immersed in cortex or dried up, it needs to be cleaned with detergent or soapy water. Then you can wipe the leather with clear water.

Third, if it is a serious stain, the effect of detergent is not big. Try softer alkaline substances, such as alkaline flour. Buy a bag of edible alkaline noodles at the supermarket. Scrub with a soft brush dipped in water. Aged stains in the texture can be removed. The effect is immediate when scrubbing. It should be remembered that after scrubbing a place, the alkaline water should be scrubbed with clear water immediately.

Leather sofas of various colors will be covered with stains. Especially the light-colored leather surface. It can be diluted with cleaning liquid such as detergent or laundry detergent. You can soak and wipe the leather surface with a towel. Then use bottled "active enzyme water" to dip it in a towel to wipe away the dirt. Finally, wash the cloth with clear water and wipe the sofa surface clean.

Before sitting on the sofa, you should pay attention to sharp and hard items on your clothes and trousers, such as keys. These things may scratch the leather surface and poke a hole if you are not careful. The children should not scamper on the sofa. The jump is harmful to the toughness of the cortex. Long-term jumping is likely to cause cortical cracking.

That's the main content of this article. I hope this article can help you.

  • David Stewart
  • April 02,2021

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