April 02,2021

The Difference Between Polished Tile and Glazed Tile

by David Stewart

With the continuous upgrading of decoration products, glazed tiles and polished tiles must have been materials that everyone is very familiar with. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of glazed tiles? What is the difference between full glazed and polished tiles? Glazed tiles, as a very high-grade building material, not only represent elegant and fashionable decoration art, but also are warmly sought after by high-end users.

Color Difference between Polished Tile and Glazed Tile

The color of polished tiles is single and has no obvious change. Glazed tiles are brightly colored because they are glazed after being printed with patterns. The layering of glazed tiles is more obvious and the glazed surface can be clearly seen.

The Brick Embryo Difference between Polished Tile and Glazed Tile

Polished tiles are bricks that polish the surface of bricks and are easier to dirty. Glazed brick is a kind of antique brick. All glazed antique tiles and polished tiles are porcelain tiles and have been polished on the surface. The surface of glazed tiles is transparent, while polished tiles only polish the brick blank.

Glazed tile is composed of embryo body and glazed surface. When identifying, it is necessary to check whether the cross section of the ceramic tile is the same, or whether the surface of the ceramic tile is the same as the color of the ground embryo.

Line Differences Between Polished Tile and Glazed Tile

Polished tiles and glazed tiles have different lines. The texture of polished tiles is not very small. Glazed tiles can have fine lines like needle and thread.

Difference of Anti-fouling Performance Between Polished and Glazed Tile

Polished tiles are suitable for use in most indoor spaces, but are not recommended for use in toilets and kitchens. Polished tiles will leave concave and convex pores when they are made. These pores often leave some dirt, causing the surface to easily invade pollutants. Even coffee or tea on polished tiles will be difficult to remove. The anti-fouling effect of glazed tiles far exceeds that of polished tiles.

Price Difference between Polished Tile and Glazed Tile

Glazed tiles have high simulation degree. It skillfully combines the advantages of antique tiles and polished tiles. The process will be slightly more complicated than polished tiles. The appearance not only has the rich and varied colors of glazed tiles, but also has the bright and clean characteristics of polished tiles. Therefore, the price of glazed tiles is higher than that of polished tiles.

What we have been introduced above is the difference between glazed tiles and polished tiles. For high-grade ceramic tile products, everyone must understand clearly when purchasing. They are evaluated in all aspects. They not only have advantages, but also have their own shortcomings. I hope you can understand it in detail. You can compare several products more and then make rational choices. I hope everyone can choose the satisfactory ceramic tile!

  • David Stewart
  • April 02,2021

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