April 09,2021

The Functions of Porch Cabinet Function Area

by David Stewart

Family decoration is essential to every family. Great arrangement can bring more warm and comfortable family environment. It makes people's life more harmonious. In fact, there are many stresses new home site selection decoration. You can't ignore many details. That is the Feng Shui. Many people do not believe this. We can see many designs of houses by decoration companies. It is an obvious truth for this design. These designers can inquire all kinds of feng shui information. They need the location and layout of their homes before designing. They then make reasonable designs. People can only see the perfect shape of the new home through the renderings. Then they ignore these details. This time, I will analyze the function of the porch design for people.

Porch generally refers to the middle position from the entrance of the house to the entrance of the living room. It is a transition between indoor and outdoor residence. Many people can hang clothes, change shoes and change clothes here. The area is not large. People use it frequently. It is the only way for people to enter and leave the house. So, it is called porch. What is the effect of designing and decorating this position into a porch?

Function 1: Porch can protect the privacy of the host. It prevents guests from seeing the whole living room as soon as they enter the door. Or guests will see the whole family at a glance. It improves the host's sense of security. Many families will use glass or wooden cabinets to separate the living room at the entrance. People divide a separate area to block the view of the entrant.

Function 2: Decoration. People can see porch first when entering a door. They feel the chaos in the outside world. Then they enjoy a simple and fashionable home life. It reduces complexity to simplicity. People can get an original feeling. The design of the porch is the ideological concentration of the whole family decoration style. It can play a key role in the whole family decoration.

Function 3: It is convenient for people to strip, change shoes and hang hats. People set up shoe cabinets, clothes racks, clothes mirrors and other settings in the porch. The coordinated design makes the whole porch style stylish and beautiful. It can serve as a link for the decoration style of the whole family.

The design of the porch in the home has a principle. It is " through but not exposed" and "sparse but not leaking". The height will generally be equal to that of the gate. The width will not be less than that of the gate. The distance between the two will generally be 1.2 meters or more. It is not less than 1 meter. Porch bring people a sense of security in modern people's family design. However, the design is exquisite. The design of the porch can dissolve the evil spirit. It prevents the hall from discharging water. It expresses auspicious luck, gathers spirit and generates wealth. Therefore, the porch design in family decoration deserves people's attention. The porch design is both practical and beautiful. It can bring beautiful implication.

  • David Stewart
  • April 09,2021

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