February 26,2021

The General Traps of Furnishing Choices -Living Room Lighting

by David Stewart

After half a lifetime of hard work, people finally bought a suite. If the transportation is convenient, the apartment type is comfortable, and the surrounding communities are perfect, this is really a perfect match for consumers. Then consumers began to look for designers' design drawings. They all want a perfect house. First set the style, starting with the household map. The house is perfectly designed with transparent type, dynamic and static partition, dry and wet partition, etc. After completing the preliminary basic decoration, it is time to carry out soft decoration. The soft decoration and hard decoration that users fancy conflicted with the space function positioning and usage habits. In order to dress up a warm and attitude home, users have avoided so many errors of hard decoration in the living room. Now it is necessary to avoid these traps for lighting in the living room.

How to Choose Living Room Lighting?

When users go to hardware stores to buy lighting equipment, they are dazzled by a variety of lamps. In fact, it can generally be divided into three types. Basic lighting, key lighting and decorative lighting.

Ⅰ. Ceiling lamps, chandeliers and platform lamps are used as basic lighting. They light the main body of the house. As the main lighting of each block lights the whole room.

Ⅱ. Mosaic spotlights, track spotlights, wall lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, tube lights. They serve as protruding blocks and point-to-point drop lamps. They light the key points.

Ⅲ. Decorative lights, lamp belt is more distinctive. As decorative lamps and assistant lamps, they can set the mood to increase spatial variation and layering.

In current home lighting, consumers have abandoned the use of ceiling lamps and chandeliers in their daily lives. It is replaced by accent lighting such as downlights, desk lamps and spotlights.

Many consumers buy high-rise residential buildings for their first renovation. In order to highlight the indoor lighting effect, spotlights were installed on the four sides of the living room. With them, there might be a ceiling lamp or chandelier, several downlights. Turning on the light is like going to a laser tunnel. The bright spotlight is quite layered. As a home life, there is no need to be too luxurious.

Each lamp has its own advantages and weaknesses, whether it is to install downlights or spotlights. You can choose from the light source, appearance, service life, material and structure.

1. Select the color temperature of the light source. Generally divided into cold-color light sources and warm-color light sources from the market. Cool colors are mainly white light sources. Warm colors are dominated by yellow light sources. Facing different areas, use different lamp types. From the light source analysis, the warm color performance of the spotlight can play a good embellishment. The downlight can be brighter when the main light is insufficiently illuminated.

2. Starting from the structure. The spotlight has a long radiator and a longer body. The diameter is small and there is no panel to cover the lamp socket. The power of household spotlights is generally 3W-10W. Spotlights collect heat, and the heat it emits is very large. Although it can be used for up to 35,000 hours, it does not take long to generate high temperatures. A long time is easy to cause a fire. Spotlights can increase layering in appearance. However, the use rate is not high, and it increases the cost for future cleaning. The downlight radiator is short, the lamp body is flat, and the diameter is large. It has a panel to cover the lamp socket. Its lights are scattered. It has basic advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection and longevity. It can also directional lighting. It has a simple appearance, small size and soft light. The service life can reach 15,000 hours. Consumers can choose according to personal preferences.

3. Combine the interior hard decoration design. If the ceiling of the living room is not reserved, spotlights are more convenient than downlights. If the lighting brightness is required, it is recommended to choose a downlight. People now advocate simplicity. From the survey of most consumers, the key lighting in the living room tends to be bright and energy-saving downlights.

If your home is also choosing the living room lighting, it should be combined with the actual situation. The applicable range of the light is different from the scene. Hope this article above can give you a reference.

  • David Stewart
  • February 26,2021

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