October 01,2022

The Latest and Greatest Eco-Friendly Homes

by David Stewart

Going green at home is easier than ever these days (think organic cleaning supplies, reusable shopping bags, electric cars), but many homeowners haven’t considered the impact of architecture and design. In New Eco Homes (Harper Design, $40) , author Manel Gutiérrez visits 22 residences that are leading the way with innovative, sustainable materials and smart strategies for conserving energy, water, and other resources. Full-color photos and detailed floor plans reveal the biggest takeaway of all: “New eco homes can be as beautiful, warm, comfortable, and functional as any other kind of home,” says Gutiérrez. Not surprisingly, the book is just as eco-friendly—and eye-catching—as the homes within. Matte, wood-free paper pages are handsomely bound in recycled cardboard.

Click through to check out three eco homes from the book.

  • David Stewart
  • October 01,2022

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