October 02,2022

The Yangtze River Inspires a Landscape Pavilion at the 2015 International Garden Expo

by David Stewart

Beijing- and Vienna-based firm Penda Architecture and Design recently unveiled its plans for a lush landscape pavilion in Wuhan, China, for the 2015 International Garden Expo. The structure, called Where the River Runs, was inspired by the power of water on the environment. Located in central China, the city of Wuhan has historic ties to the mighty Yangtze River. As such, the architects at Penda constructed the exhibit in a way that allows visitors to walk through a path that bends like a river. “Water is life,” the firm said in a statement regarding the project’s inspiration. “Water is the well of our origin. It is the main designer of our environment.”

To reinforce the region’s connection to water and to plant life, visitors will be given seeds at the entrance that they can plant anywhere within the pavilion. What’s more, the pavilion will include a rainwater system that collects and distributes water to plants and flowers throughout the space.

Construction for Where the River Runs will begin soon. Parts of the 2015 International Garden Expo opened to the public in September, but the event itself runs through April 2016.

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  • David Stewart
  • October 02,2022

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