March 05,2021

What does Soft Outfit Include?

by David Stewart

1、 What is soft outfit

There is a formal definition of soft outfit. It is about the integration of many elements. Such as the overall environment, space aesthetics, life function, display art. And artistic conception experience, material style, personality preference is included. Even Feng Shui culture is incorporated. In commercial space environment and living space, all movable elements are collectively as soft equipment. It can also be called soft decoration.

2. What are the project elements of home soft outfit?

First is the art of soft clothing.

Soft clothing includes curtains, bedding, carpets and tablecloths. Cloth decoration for soft designers is an item that can soften the sense of restraint at home. It is also a necessary decoration for the whole space. The designer uses the color and material of cloth art adornment. With reasonable collocation furniture, it can bring warm breath to the whole space.

Second, soft lighting.

Lighting in home decoration can play the role of lighting. It also can render the environment and enhance the indoor atmosphere. Lighting decoration mainly includes: chandelier, vertical lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, spotlight. The chandelier of the atmosphere is more suitable as the main lamp of the bedroom. Thus, it can drive the overall atmosphere. The wall lamp is warmer. And the spotlight is bright and more emotional.

Third is wallpaper

Wallpaper is a widely used interior decoration material. And it has many incomparable advantages over other interior decoration materials. The wallpaper is colorful and rich in patterns with luxurious style. It is safe and environmentally friendly. The construction is convenient. And the price is right. The expression of wallpaper is extremely rich. There are many types of wallpaper to choose from. Wallpaper can adapt to different spaces and places, different interests and different price levels.

Fourth is green flowers.

Green flowers can refresh the air, regulate humidity and relieve eye fatigue. And it can also add natural flavor. Green flowers are also an indispensable part of soft matching. When specific furnishings, you can put small potted plants on cabinets or coffee tables. Large potted plants are placed at the door or in the corner. In your spare time, you can also buy a bouquet. Then put them in a crystal vase. It can adjust the plain and simple life with its bright and delicate colors.

Fifth is furniture.

Furniture is the most important and largest soft decoration in soft design. The furniture includes bed, sofa, bookcase, dining table, desk, TV cabinet and so on. If the shape of the furniture is more square, then selected soft decorations should be more flexible. If the shape of furniture is more round, then choice of accessories should be more regular. The difference between high and low should not be too great.

All the large furniture that can be moved is necessary in our daily life. And it is also closely related to our lives.

  • David Stewart
  • March 05,2021

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