May 07,2021

Which Wood is Better for a Solid Wood Sofa

by David Stewart

1. Pine (Mason Pine and Pinus Sylvestris)

Environmental protection is of increasing importance. As a result, the use of solid wood sofas has increased. Pine sofas account for a large part of it. Especially most children's furniture is of pine wood. There are two main materials for pine furniture. The one is Masson pine. And the other is Pinus sylvestris. Pinus Sylvestris is the main material. Pine wood is an important raw material for man-made fiberboard in decoration. There are two types of mason pine texture, straight and oblique. Their distribution is uneven. They are of medium to coarse structure. The disadvantage is the more serious cracks when dry. Paint and bonding perform poor. The nail-holding force is strong. It is less used in furniture as woodworking panels. In general cases, the price of wood board is about 2 times that of the same size cedar integrated board. The pine wood is strong. They are with clear texture and better wood. Compared with fir, the wood grain of Pinus Sylvester is more beautiful. There are fewer scars on the wood. Therefore, most of the log furniture will use pine as the raw material.

2. Fraxinus Mandshurica

Most of the decorative panels is of ash panel. The reason for using this type of panel is inseparable from its traits. Ash belongs to the genus Oleaceae. Its main producing areas are Northeast China, North China, Russia and other places. The biggest advantage of Fraxinus mandshurica lies in its texture. The ash texture is beautiful and clear. For example, varnish or white decorative panels or furniture can best reflect its beautiful pattern. It is suitable for modern and simple style. The disadvantage is that if it is used as solid wood furniture, the degree of deformation is larger than that of other woods. As a result, for all solid wood furniture of Fraxinus mandshurica, we use small wooden pieces to splice it. For most of the ash furniture in a furniture store, the main frames are of ash solid wood. The large area is covered with ash solid wood. This is because of the large deformation and shrinkage of Fraxinus mandshurica.

3. Oak (White Oak and Red Oak)

Oak is a favorite decorative wood. The scientific name of oak is oak. It belongs to Fagaceae and Quercus spp. In fact, the red oak is not red. It is yellow with slight pink. White oak is not white but light yellow. This makes the color difference between red oak and white oak not large. Oak has traits like being heavy and hard. In addition, it has straight grain, elegant color and beautiful texture. Its mechanical strength is quite high. But the wood is not easy to saw. If it is used in a large area, the deformation of oak is large. The pattern of oak has the difference between straight and horizontal. Straight grain looks better. Its price is slightly higher. In some places, Southeast Asian rubber wood is used as oak. Take care to prevent counterfeiting when buying oak. Rubber wood has peculiar smell. This is the method to identify it. It is easy to moth and corrode.

4. Camphor Wood

Its biggest feature is its rich aroma. This fragrance can repel insects, mothproof, mildew, and sterilize. Mothballs are made from the spices in camphor wood. Camphor wood has a large tree diameter and beautiful patterns. Camphor wood is slender and dense. It has natural beautiful texture. The texture is tough and hard to crack. Camphor wood has been the material of choice for carving crafts since ancient times. Camphor wood is mainly used for furniture back panels, drawer panels, or sofas. Especially for suitcases, book boxes, cabinets, etc. But camphor wood is rarely used for beds. Because the fragrance of camphor wood will affect the quality of sleep. People will get excited and even lose sleep. It may cause symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, nausea, and vomiting.

The above is the analysis on the choice of wood for solid wood sofas. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection today, it is very important for you and your family to choose good materials to make sofas.

  • David Stewart
  • May 07,2021

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